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You've got Questions? We've got the answers

We are aware that planning a wedding or a gala event can lead to quite a few questions. In order to answer the most common concerns that may come up, we have prepared this FAQ page. If, however, you wish to speak with us directly, please contact Paul Chacra's office.


What is Three’s Company?


Three’s Company is a band of six musicians and singers (accompanied by a sound engineer) that will have your dance floor overflowing! But that’s not all. When you hire Three’s Company, you will be guided by Alex Simpson, the band leader, and by the offices of Paul Chacra Entertainment Inc., who have been working with The Band since it was first created 29 years ago.

What kind of music does the band play?


Three’s Company is above all a dance band. That means we not only perform Latin music, classic rock, disco, music for different cultural communities but also the best contemporary hits by artists such as Rihanna, SIA, Bruno Mars and Pitbull. Although we obviously want to get your guests moving on the dance floor, we also know how to be more discreet during the tranquil moments of the evening with lounge music or smooth Latin and jazz beats from such well-known artists as Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, and more.

How will I plan my event? 

The office of Paul Chacra Entertainment will be your first contact for your event planning. Paul himself, Kim, or Christina will be there to guide you and fulfill whatever needs may arise. Next, the band leader, Alex Simpson, will meet with you and share his experience to create the perfect musical ambiance for your special evening. Paul Chacra Entertainment will also provide any technical advice you may need. Whatever happens, you will be in capable hands throughout the whole process.

Do I need to provide anything for the band?


Three’s Company is a fully equipped band. We provide a high-fidelity sound system, perfect for intimate gatherings of 75 people to larger scale events of up to 600 guests. The group also provides a basic lighting system to showcase the musicians on stage. We, therefore, only need electricity and a place to perform (a stage).

Will we be able to enjoy conversations will the band is playing?

This is probably the question we hear most often. Whether your event is a wedding or a corporate gala, there is a time for everything. Obviously when it’s time to dance, the volume will be louder on the dance floor than when guests are eating. While dinner is being served and when the ambiance is most conducive to conversations between guests, the band will play soft background music at a very reasonable volume, allowing conversations to take place, wherever your guests may be seated. It’s your event, and you’re in charge: the group will always play at the volume you request.


Because of its musical versatility, Three’s Company also offers a softer musical repertoire — crooner, jazz, bossa nova, R&B, and lounge — perfect for the moment when meals are served. However, between courses, guests can let loose and enjoy the more rhythmic beats of the band. During a wedding or a corporate gala, this dinner-&-dance concept, which we highly recommend, adds life to a meal service that might have otherwise seemed too long..

Will we be able to dance between course servings?
Can you also provide music during cocktails?

Three's Company can provide you with a jazz and / or Latin ensemble composed of 1 to 3 musicians, to create the perfect atmosphere during your cocktail hour. Pre-recorded lounge lounge music is also available. Paul Chacra's office will be happy to assist you in selecting what suits you best.

Can you provide music during an award presentation?

For an extra touch of class, the Three’s Company Orchestra can also play what are known as “walk-ins” during your gala or award presentation.

Do I need a master of ceremonies ?


If need be, Alex can act as an MC throughout your event, in perfect French or English.

Will there be music during breaks?


Three’s Company will assure that music is played non-stop throughout your party, at no additional cost, even during breaks. With a vast selection of pre-recorded music, Three’s Company can offer a softer repertoire (Latin, jazz, or lounge) during dinner and high-energy pre-recorded dance music of today’s hits to encourage your guests to hit the dance floor later in the evening. It is also possible for us to create a custom musical repertoire for you to be played during breaks.  

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